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Test Tube

TRÜTH Brand  glass  test  tubes  are  Grade  I,  made  from borosilicate hard glass, 33 expansion.

Our test tube is available in two types with Rim, without Rim, with uniform thickness for better heat transfer & chemical resistance.

Test tube is Also available under OEM.

SizeCat. No. With RimCat. No. Without RimPack Size
10 x 7561100756210075100 pcs
12 x 7561120756212075100 pcs
12 x 10061121006212100100 pcs
15 x 12561151246215125100 pcs
15 x 15061151506215150100 pcs
18 x 15061181506218150100 pcs
25 x 10061251006225100100 pcs
25 x 15061251506225150100 pcs
Test Tube

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