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Jumbos Super Syringe

Jumbos Super Syringe is a Gastight with higher capacity syringe. These super Syringes are applicable for dispensing large volumes from 500mL up to 2 L. Jumbos Super Syringes are unlike glass syringes made up of acrylic barrel instead of glass barrel.

The Jumbos Super Syringe can be used for a various applications like gas sampling, preparing gas standards, air pollution sampling, sample testing of EPA, calibration of reservoirs, spirometers, and pulmonary research. The Jumbps Super Syringe is available with PTFE luer lock

Super Syringe

Super Syringe Details


Needle Hub

Model No.

500ml Super Syringe with PTFE Luer Lock SyringeMetalS-500
1000ml Super Syringe with PTFE Luer Lock SyringeMetalS-1000
1500ml Super Syringe with PTFE Luer Lock SyringeMetalS-1500
2000ml Super Syringe with PTFE Luer Lock SyringeMetalS-2000

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