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Reusable Needles

We offer a variety of needles of laboratory use. All needles are made with type 304 stainless steel cannulae.
They are ground and electro polished on high precision machines. Needles are fitted with standard nickel
plated luer hubs.


Catalog No.Size & LengthTipPack Size
TN-0414B14 G x 4”Beveled10
TN-0316B16 G x 3”Beveled10
TN-0616B16 G x 6”Beveled10
TN-0816B16 G x 8”Beveled10
TN-1216B16 G x 12”Beveled10
TN-0417B17 G x 4”Beveled10
TN-0617B17 G x 6”Beveled10
TN-0817B17 G x 8”Beveled10
TN-1017B17 G x 10”Beveled10
TN-1217B17 G x 12”Beveled10
TN-0318B18 G x 3”Beveled10
TN-0418B18 G x 4”Beveled10
TN-0618B18 G x 6”Beveled10
TN-0818B18 G x 8”Beveled10
TN-1018B18 G x 10”Beveled10
TN-1218B18 G x 12”Beveled10
TN-0319B19 G x 3”Beveled10
TN-0419B19 G x 4”Beveled10
TN-0619B19 G x 6”Beveled10
TN-0819B19 G x 8”Beveled10
TN-1019B19 G x 10”Beveled10
TN-1219B19 G x 12”Beveled10
TN-0822B22 G x 8”Beveled10
TN-1022B22 G x 10”Beveled10
TN-0223B23 G x 2”Beveled10
TN-0423B23 G x 3”Beveled10
TN-0623B23 G x 6”Beveled10
TN-0823B23 G x 8”Beveled10
TN-1023B23 G x 10”Beveled10
TN-1223B23 G x 12”Beveled10

Special Needles Available On request A variety including standard hypodermic needle, veterinary needles, laboratory needles, blunt needles, animal research also available on request. Requirements with Specific gauges, lengths and types available on request including Stainless Steel hubs used during special applications and working with corrosive materials or critical procedures. Kindly enquire with us today for your special needles and we shall be glad to cater them to you. Your requests for OEM are also welcomed.
Please mail us on sales@topsyringe.com