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Our range of Tubular Vials comprises sizes from 1 to 36ml in different designs, with or without blow back (European and American version) according to industry standards or to your individual specifications. State-of-the art production process and in-line camera inspection systems ensure high-performance in filling lines and lyophilization processes.


Type I glass (compliant to Pharm. Eur. / USP / JP) Homogeneous walls give an excellent cosmetic appearance Tight tolerances and low dimensional variability. Improved quality in labeling processes (less wrinkles on label)

  • High resistance to thermal shocks.
  • Lyophilization bottom concavity control
  • Glass tubes are sourced from High quality producers from Japan, USA, Italy & India.

Pharmaceutical Vials

Special Vials

Diagnostic Vials


  • Injection vials
  • Sampler vials
  • Screw thread vials
  • Without blowback
  • Lyophilization vials
  • U-Tube vials
  • Screw thread tubes
  • With blowback
  • Tablet vials
  • Chromatography vials
  • European version
  • Large OD vials
  • American version



2R2ml Pharma vials35mm16mm
4R4ml Pharma vials45mm16mm
6R6ml Pharma vials40mm22mm
8R8ml Pharma vials45mm22mm
10R10ml Pharma vials45mm24mm
15R15ml Pharma vials60mm24mm
20R20ml Pharma vials55mm30mm
25R25ml Pharma vials65mm30mm
30R37.5ml Pharma vials75mm30mm

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