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Interchangeable Glass Syringe

Interchangeable Syringes are manufactured to ensure the perfect matching of barrels and plungers. Any Interchangeable syringe of a particular size will fit any Interchangeable barrel of the same size.

The syringes ensure easy filling and perfect matching of barrels and plungers.Any interchangeable syringe of a particular size will fit any interchangeable barrel of the same size.

source site Features :

  • Interchangeble part of the syringe provide instant assembly without any sorting during bulk sterilization and hence improves operational efficiency.
  • Precision shrinking ensures improved leak free smooth operation.
  • Colored plunger facilitate dosage measurements.
  • Made from borosilicate glass providing protection against thermal shock.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Graduations marks permanently fused into glass barrel.
  • Turncated flanges prevent syringe from rolling.
  • Special graduation on request.

*OEM on request 

Interchangeable Glass Syringe
TRÜTH Interchangeable Syringe Center All Glass Tip (CT) 
Cat NoVolumeGraduationPacking
01-03-01-031ml 0.05 ml10 pcs
01-05-01-042ml 0.1 ml10 pcs
01-07-01-043ml 0.1 ml10 pcs
01-08-01-055ml 0.2 ml10 pcs
01-09-01-0510ml 0.2 ml10 pcs
01-10-01-0620ml 0.5 ml10 pcs
01-11-01-0730ml 1 ml 6 pcs
01-13-01-0850ml 2 ml 6 pcs
01-15-01-08100ml2 ml 1pc
TRÜTH Interchangeable Syringe Metal Luer Lock Tip  
Cat. No. VolumeGraduationPacking
01-03-02-031 ml0.1 ml10 pcs
01-05-02-042 ml 0.1 ml 10 pcs
01-07-02-043 ml0.1 ml10 pcs
01-08-02-055 ml0.2 ml10 pcs
01-09-02-0510 ml0.2 ml 10 pcs
01-10-02-0620 ml 0.5 ml10 pcs
01-11-02-0730 ml 1 ml6 pcs
01-13-02-0850 ml 2 ml 6 pcs
01-15-02-08100 ml2 ml 1 pcs
  Metal Luer Tip On Request